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AAP actions have saddened me

It seems that the only light I saw at the end of the tunnel was the hope that Aam Admi party would take rock solid steps towards effective governance and removing corruption. I feel sad today because the actions taken by AAP have primarily been to somehow position itself for the lok sabha elections. They are indulging in gimmickry.

Lets talk about their gimmicks one by one. Their action of free water and 50% off on electricity is absolutely is not according to the promise they made. For instance, they promised 20000 litres of water free to everybody which is not what they did. The subsidy is also not targeted. In addition, there are more pressing issues to resolve with respect to water problems in Delhi than giving free water. We were promised 50% reduction in prices with no conditions and that is not true either. The problem is that they have achieve their purpose of getting favourable headlines from biased media. No newspapers have reported with a headline “AAP didn’t keep its promise.”

Now lets talk about corruption. Before the election, all Kejriwal talked about was the corruption of Congress leaders and unscrupulous power companies. What has it done so far. Just opened a hotline which and will remain one of the most stupid ideas. First, they want you to provide evidence by filming the corrupt taking bribes which is not sustainable because it may not only be illegal but also it is also dangerous for an enthusiatic citizen. This will create more problems for citizens who are trying to get things done in a government department. All Kejriwal has to do is the following in every government office:

(a) Log every request for a job on the computer irrespective of whether all formalities completed or not.
(b) Another team checks the papers/formalities and discrepancy if any and send to the citizen who has applied.
(c) Response is received by another team which processes the papers.
(d) The computer will decide at random which particular officer will complete a specific process.
(e) Teams could be located at different locations also.

Computer will track each case. Any delay is not possible because you have taken the authority away from the corrupt individual. Also, no corrupt person will be able to easily ignore deficiency in formality because more than one person will be involved with the same. No on will know who will be involved in the resolving the case.

If I am not mistaken, the passport office is doing this in Ghaziabad. I don’t know why AAP is not using IT. IT is supposed to be the biggest equaliser in controlling corruption. A flexible software can be developed which can be used for all the departments. The same software can be used for complaint resolution also. Now such things would only happen when AAP and Kejriwal are thinking of resolving problems instead of gimmicks.

The last action of AAP to call people to the janta Darbar was and will always be a waste of time. The main point is that even when you meet people, you will not be able to resolve the problem nor will you have the time to understand it or write down all the details. You will just take the papers given by the complainant. The meeting would be a waist of time. Instead of calling people, they should have asked the people to either upload their complaints with scanned copies of the documents or asked them to submit the complaint with respective departments after taking a receipt. Some simple complaints would have been resolved. Complaints where clarifications were required, the complaint should have been called on the telephone and where face-to-face meeting was required only then they should have bee called to the department’s office. Complaint resolution systems or what is known as CRM systems are available all over the world. Every call center has a system for complaint resolution. It keeps track of every complaint and all records.

Let me also address the issue of corruption of Shiela Dikshit and power companies. Most people do not realize that power companies accounts have already been audited by CAG. Based on its report, I believe formal recommendations to file cases against top Congress leaders have also been made. Now all Kejriwal has to do is pursue the findings of the report. Similarly, CAG has also blamed the Congress government for losses for CWG games. Now what does Kejriwal do, orders another audit.

After the government in Delhi was formed, have you heard of Kejriwal blaming the Congress party or Shiela Dikshit of corruption? I think one should tabulate the number of times Kejriwal took Shiela Dikshit’s name before the government formation and after it and it should tell us something. Instead, Kejriwal has gone about arresting a couple of constables.

I think people should look at facts before blindly following a wave or newspaper headlines. We need to keep APP and Kejriwal honest in terms of what they promised and what they are giving. Right now we are just pursuing a perception but perception is what marketing is all about.

Avinash Narula

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