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Amar thinks black money is withdrawn from the banks

I was surprised to read that Amar Singh has argued in his bail application in the cash-for-vote-scam case that since the charge sheet has stated that “there is no link of money in question with any of my bank account,” he is innocent. I don’t know from where Amar Singh is getting his logic from? Black money is that money that is not deposited in the banks. Once it is deposited in the bank, it becomes white money. People who do not have black money may withdraw small amount of cash from the bank to buy something in cash but not huge amounts as involved in the scam.

Also, I hope the investigative agencies are not trying to save Amar Singh by creating a loophole in the case against Amar Singh by stating the above in their chargesheet. This is how the cases against the rich and powerful are contaminated and bungled up so that the accused go scot free. For instance, in the case of Jessica Lal’s case, additional bullet was brought into the picture.

Avinash Narula

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