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Anna gets down to blackmail. But will it help?

Anna has threatened the Congress Party by saying, “We will campaign for the defeat of Congress in UP assembly polls if the government at the Centre fails to pass the Lokpal Bill in the Winter session of Parliament.” Even though Anna has a good cause to fight for, why is he resorting to blackmail everytime. First, he went on a fast and was dictating to the members of the parliament as to how and when they should pass the Lokpal Bill. His demands were unreasonable then and no wonder he broke his fast with a face saving gesture from the government. Now he is threatening the Congress Party. What Anna is doing is undemocratic and not the right thing to do.

Also, Anna has even stated that he will campaign against Congressmen who even have a clean image. His logic, “What is the point of having a clean image. Look at Manmohan Singh. He cannot do anything because he is remote controlled.”

Now lets look at what will happen if Anna Hazare succeeds in his plans and what he should take away from his own statement above.

First, either Mayawati or Mulayam Singh Yadav or some combination of BJP and other political parties will form the government in UP. Similar results will follow in other states. Even if a Congress loses power in any state, opposition will form the government. As mentioned in my website, the power will keep shifting between existing political parties as has been happening in the past. Will any of this help the cause of corruption? I don’t think so. We will be back to square one.

Second, thank God that Anna has realized that a few honest politicians cannot help as it it is the party in power which controls what happens and how the country is governed. First, I also thought that I will fight elections. Then I realized that even if I win what will I be able to achieve as the government will be controlled by political party in power. This is when I realized that we have to take control of the government. The only way we can take control of the government at any level (MCD, Zila Parishads, state or the Centre) is by overthrowing the government in elections.

I am not talking rocket science stuff. Mamta Banerjee could not do a thing in Bengal till now when she overthrew the government in the last elections. Now if Mamta wants she can take actions to control corruption in Bengal. Nitish Kumar is taking the right actions in Bihar because he controls the government. If corruption has to be handled, we need the power to change laws as well as implement laws. We can only get these through elections. We have to remember that people power means power through the election process.

So my humble request to Anna (as well as Ramdev) is that he should use his clout with the general public to win elections for a political party rather than going after Congress. Getting rid of Congress does not mean getting rid of corruption. So why bother to waste our energy and resources by focusing on Congress.

Avinash Narula

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S.P. ManchandaOctober 8th, 2011 at 7:38 am

Right, nothing will change if Mayawati or Mulayam comes to power. On the other hand these people are more corrupt and harmful for the civil society. So Anna Ji is doing more harm asking people not to vote congress, rather he should field his candidates and request people to vote his ‘honest’ people.


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