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Are Anna Hazare & Ramdev turning India into a banana country?

It seems that we have found a new management method to manage the affairs of our country, that is, “fast into death” to get what you want. So, if any citizen of the country who has some following like yoga gurus, film stars, cricketers and so on have an idea that they feel the government should implement, all they have to do is go on “fast unto death” to force the government to do what he wants. And the worst part is that the government is willing to do so.

I think maybe people are thinking that Gandhiji did satyagrah to get us freedom so why can’t we “fast unto death” to get what we want. We should realize that there was no democratic means available to Gandhiji. As such, it was legitimate for him to pursue any means, even a violent one if he so preferred to gain independence. People in middle east and countries like Libya have had to ultimately adopt a violent method which to my mind is legitimate because they do not have the democratic means available as we have in India. If both Anna Hazare and Ramdev have the right cause and the support they claim they have of the people of the country, then they can very easily bring out a Lokpal bill with provisions of their choice. All they have to do is win elections. Also, if people are fed up with corruption, why can’t they elect representatives of Anna Hazare and Ramdev and bring them to power. Once in power, all the required changes can be brought about. This is a better solution as they will also have the power to not only make laws but also to implement them.

Going on “fast unto death” is not the solution. This is illegal. Intention to commit suicide is illegal and the government I believe has the right to jail Anna Hazare and Ramdev as well as others who join them and forcefully feed them. I am not able to understand why we are adopting illegal means when a legal method is available. I am sure like minded organizations or individuals like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Ramdev and Professional Party of India can select approximately 550 individuals for general elections and 200 individuals for elections in each state. With the present mood in the country, I also think they can get absolute majority in the centre and the states. In addition, they will probably not have to spend the money as publicity is going to be almost free.

Laws have to be enacted by the Parliament and not by the government alone. It is quite possible that the government proposes the Lokpal bill and the parliament does not enact the same. In the past, there have been lots of bills which were not even proposed by the government because there was not enough support for it to get through the parliament with the the desired votes. Even the government can play games by telling some of its MPs not to vote for the bill. Then will Anna and Ramdev go on fast to force the MPs to enact the law. It is ridiculous. Anna Hazare and Ramdev will have to go on fast frequently and I don’t think they will be successful in eradicating corruption. If this happens then we will start managing our country with “fast unto death” style of management. It seems what our esteemed professors at IIMs could not do, Anna Hazare and Ramdev have done it, that is, come out with a new management theory.

Are we a banana republic? I would say that in some ways we are and in some ways we are not. We are a banana republic when we consider the scams like 2G and CWG or the total subversion of law in cases like Ruchika, Jessica and the Banda girl rape case. However, what separates us from going total banana is the fact that the people of the country still have the power to overthrow any government that we do not like as is evident from the exit of the left and DMK government. But if we let vigilantes like Anna Hazare and Ramdev to hijack our democratic system, we will become banana as we will have a “fast unto death” by everybody with a vote bank.

What I am suggesting is that let Anna Hazare and Ramdev do to the centre and state governments what AIDMK did to DMK and Mamta Banerjee did to the left, that is, get them out of power. In some ways it is difficult and in some ways it is not. The only way we can end corruption is by taking back our country from the corrupt. In the first revolution, we took our country back from the Britishers. Its time for a second revolution because now we have to take our country back from the corrupt politicians, babus, businessmen and the goondas.


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RgAugust 26th, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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