What is wrong? What should be done?

Arvind gives free water. What are the other CMs waiting for?

I think all the political parties have received such a shock with the AAP victory and its growing popularity that they seem to have gone off to sleep. They are not even thinking. It seems all their political strategists have gone on a holiday. Arvind Kejriwal is giving away freebies at super speed to win the Lok Sabha elections and they are just waiting for a miracle to happen.

You know what I think all the CMs of differents states and political parties should do? They should also give away free water just like the Delhi CM has done. In fact, they should give away more water free water than what Arvind Kejriwal has given away. When Arvind Kejriwal subsidises electricity 50%, they should also do it. By the way, I am not saying this lightly and that there is a good reason behind it. Both Arvind Kejriwal, the media and the people of this country should realize that its the most easy thing to do. Just like Arvind Kejriwal can pass an order, so can the other CMs. This should either put a stop to Arvind Kejriwal giving the nation’s resources away for free or at least suggest to the media, the people and the politicians that this is not the way to govern the nation and the state. Also, people should realize that once every CM does this, how will AAP be different?

I hope it does not come to this because the last thing that we want is for our resources to be wasted or given away free. But I think Arvind Kejriwal should realize and so also should the other CMs that winning elections by giving things away for free will not be acceptable by the people of this country. What we want is somebody who, for instance, reduces waste, eliminates corruption, modernises water infrastructure and makes DJB efficient and then passes on the cost savings to all the people in terms of the cost of water. Once DJB is working efficiently, the cost of purifying water to each and every citizen of the state will come down and the benefit passed on the consumer. The idea is very simple. Businesses have been doing it since ages. Its not rocket science.

By the way, the above model is applicable to all the government organizations, institutions and departments. This is why the people of this country have been looking for an alternative political party anf that is why AAP has received the success it has achieved. I very much doubt if the people are looking for a party to give the country’s resources free which Congress, BJP and the other parties were already doing.

I also doubt if the people were looking for a party to increase taxes or cost of government services which AAP has done. They have accepted increase of 10% for water charges from Jan 1, 2014 primarily because “there is no free lunch.” I was wondering if Shri Yogender Yadav’s research had shown this and if it did why didn’t AAP reveal the same to the people before the elections. Did they purposely misled the people.

In may earlier post, I had mentioned that being a professional politician meant taking all actions in the interest of the country and its people. I am sure you will agree that starting a competition amongst all CMs to give country’s resources free and inequitably are not in the interest of the country, state or its people. Well, this is what AAP could have started. I am just wondering when the other CMs would come out of theit hibernation.

Avinash Narula

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