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Baba Ramdev – I told you so

Before I write what I am going to write, I want to state I hate politicians. I am not a political person in the traditional sense as we think of politicians. I am not against Baba’s cause as my website and blog are focused on how to remove corruption. I am not against the cause but I am against the method because it is not a logical approach. So you can’t shoot me for being logical.

I had predicted that nothing good can come out of Baba Ramdev’s fast. This is because the solution to corruption cannot be brought about in a day. Both the sides were pushed against the wall. Baba Ramdev was stuck because he probably realized that the government can only make promises and ultimately those promises will not bear fruit. Anna Hazare has found that out a little late while I have been shouting about it on my blog. Government was stuck because even if it wanted to bring back black money or pass a law, it could only promise verbally and not give the same in writing as everything was not under their control.

What did Baba Ramdev expect? The government will roll over and play dead. The government had no choice but to do what it was did because of the following reasons:

(a) As mentioned, the government can’t bring back the black money in a day. It cannot give in writing that it will because there are third parties involved who not not under the government’s control.

(b) The government cannot promise to enact laws on the spur of the moment. This is because again they are dependent on the members of the parliament to do so.

(c) I heard some of the remarks of Baba Ramdev. His tone was threatening.

(d) There was a question of law and order. If something drastic would have happened to Baba’s health, it could have become a serious law and order problem.

So, I again urge all of you. Lets overthrow the government by winning an election. Do you know why Nitish Kumar has been somewhat successful in Bihar? He has the ability to enact laws as well as implement them. Mamata Banerjee is in the position to stop corruption in Bengal if she wants to. This is what I am saying we need to do in other states and at the centre. Lets imagine Baba Ramdev replacing Mamta Banerjee as CM of Bengal. Do you think he can take some of the actions that he is suggesting that the centre take? Certainly. He can immediately enact and implement all the laws that Nitish Kumar has enacted as well declare black money generated in the State of West Bengal as States asset. I can suggest some other great measures that Baba Ramdev can enact in Bengal to curb corruption.

There is no other method except for using elections to enforce our will to eradicate corruption.

Avinash Narula

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manjayJune 5th, 2011 at 1:10 am

Nicely said completely agree


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