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Coalgate Scam-Why is Congress against investigation?

No political party or the government should be against any kind of investigation where there is suspicion of fraud. If they have done no wrong as they have claimed then why are they afraid of investigation? They are blaming the BJP for stalling the government but what are they doing? They should have agreed to a CBI investigation and BJP would not have a leg to stand on. The refusal of Congress to take any serious action to get to the bottom of this matter clearly suggests that they are guilty.

Congress is offering debate as an alternative. But what is the result going to be. Nothing. Nada. First of all, both sides will give their arguments. However, who will decide who is right or wrong? Who will decide the next course of action? Remember, Congress is in power and they have majority in the Parliament along with their allies. BJP knows that nothing will come out of it. Just like they know nothing is going to come out 2G JPC.

Just as they say in law that flight is evidence of guilt, I would say not agreeing to conduct investigation in a suspected government decision involving huge amount is evidence of guilt.

More about Coalgate later.

Avinash Narula

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