What is wrong? What should be done?

Corruption is dead. Long live corruption.

It seems the issue of corruption and Lokpal is no longer a burning issue. It is not on the radar of the media. Anna Hazare it seems will support those MPs/MLAs in elections who support his Lokpal Bill. But what good it will do. We will be electing the same politicians and the same political parties who we have been electing for the past so many years. These are the same people who make promises and then go back on the same. So what will we achieve by this proposed action of Anna? Earlier, Anna blamed the government for double crossing him and later he will blame the politicians whom he supported during the elections of double crossing him.

Also, making more NEW laws is not the solution. Updating the existing laws and implementing the laws is what is critical. Even today, laws exist to put Raja behind bars for life but can we implement the law. Our our investigative agencies capable of implementing the law? Are they independent enough to implement the law? Believe me, if the Supreme Court didn’t get involved all the key players would have either not been arrested or they would have been out on bail and would have finally gone scot free.

The solution is as follows:

(a) We need to take control of the government by fighting elections.

(b) Implement the existing laws and keep on updating/modifying the existing laws.



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S.P. ManchandaOctober 4th, 2011 at 7:22 am

I fully agree with you. The government has given us a powerful tool (RTI Act) to ask questions from the ministries/departments/organizations to curb and prevent corruption and to make babus responsible and accountable. How many of us are using this tool? Should we expect the government to appoint persons to ask RTI questions from the government to curb corruption in their departments?

Elections is also not a solution. Honest persons cannot win election in India. Corrupt people buy votes and get elected.


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