What is wrong? What should be done?

Finally, Raja arrested.

I would like to thank our PM Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Karunanidhi for being so gracious as to allow for the arrest of former telecom minister A Raja. I think the citizens of this country will remain forever grateful for doing what they did. They listened to the voice of their praja.

What a joke! One day PM meets with Karunanidhi and Kapil Sibal starts singing a tune. One more meeting between PM, Sonia Gandhi and Karunanidhi and Raja is arrested. First, where is Kapil Sibal. I am surprised that a high profile lawyer such as Kapil Sibal can make such stupid statements and then not stand by it. If Kapil Sibal stands by Raja then he should resign because Raja has been arrested without any reason. Or is it that Congress ministers are puppets in the hands of Karunanidhi. When he says Raja is innocent, Kapil Sibal says “No loss from 2G” and when Karunanidhi says, “Arrest Raja as I have to win elections,” CBI is given the green signal to arrest Raja.

Why does the CBI or the police need permission from the politicians and governors to arrest people who have done wrong? According to our constitution, we are all equals. There should be no discrimination in applying the laws of the land.

Everybody connected with the 2G scam including clerk, bureaucrats, ministers, businessmen, so called PR / Dalals should be arrested. Nobody who participated in this scam should be ignored.

Also, it is quite evident that Raja could not have dared to do what he did without the support of Karunanidhi or his family members. All those involved should be prosecuted to the hilt. What business did Mrs. Karunanidhi’s CA had to be talking to Krishna Kumar of Tatas?

I think all the political parties, politicians and bureaucrats should learn a lesson from what is happening in Egypt. When you suppress the people of the country too long, a day comes when you will be ousted unceremoniously. Who thought that Mubarak would be in the position that he is? Even Mubarak could not dream of it. And it happened.

I highly recommend that all the politicians watch the movie “The day after.” Just like Mubarak, the politicians could wake one morning and find that their Gaddi’s (seat of power) have been taken away. They may find themselves behind bars and all their ill-gotten wealth confiscated.

Avinash Narula

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