What is wrong? What should be done?

My prediction-It will be business as usual

Pundits and astrologers have made predictions as to who will win or who will lose.

Now let me make a prediction about the Lok Saha elections 2009. Who will win? Very simple. The usual band of politicians. Whether it a combination of piltical parties led by Congress or BJP or third or fourth front, it will be business as usual. There will be no change from the past. It may get worse if we land up with Mayawati or Mulayam or Lalu as the prime minister.

Who will be the losers? You and me. The general public, that is, the citizens of this country. Will anything change for us? I can guarantee you that nothing will change. Let me give you the reasons.

First, I don’t think I have heard from any politician or a political party as to what is wrong with our country and how they will solve our problems. In fact, what I have heard scares me. For instance, Mulayam wants to ban English and computers and take us to the dark ages. Capt. Gopinath says that he wants to work for social and communal harmony and a participative government. Of course, Meera Sanyal has a 5 point action plan but that is more or less focussed on Mumbai.

Second, no one is asking the candidates or the parties to tell us what is wrong with this country and what needs to be done to bring relief to the citizen of this country. When will the citizen of this country become the king? The newspapers are just letting us know what each candidate is worth and by how much has his wealth gone up in the last 5 years. Is this what I need to know to decide who to vote for? Does the amount of a person’s wealth tell us what he is going to do when he gets elected or what he stands for? I am tired of reading about how many crores a candidate is worth and how many cars he has. I want to know what he stands for and what will he do to remove corruption? I want to know when I can get things done in a government department without being harrassed?

One of our biggest problem is of corruption. And corruption is the result of poor law and order and enforcement. Corruption will remain irrespective of who wins because not a single party has identified it as a major problem that needs to be solved. I will challenge any politician or a political party to come up with a plan as to how corruption can be minimized. I don’t think anybody has even given it a thought.

You might call me a skeptic but I think I am realistic. I am accepting the ground reality but most of you guys out there are living in a fools paradise. The people who are spending a whole lot of money motivating people to vote, take it from me that you are throwing good money away as my prediction will come true.

Now you may say that it is easy to criticise but difficult to do something. I agree. But don’t think I don’t have a plan or something to work on. I think my time will come at the time of next elections. So keep visiting this blog.

avinash narula

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