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New illegal districts in UP-Lets hold somebody accountable

Today it was reported in HT that Mayawati has created three new districts of Panchsheel Nagar, Prabuddha Nagar and Bhimnagar which are at total variance with the laid out parameters for creating new districts. It seems that these districts have been created keeping the forthcoming elections in mind. I think that the matter should be investigated and if it is found that the norms have been violated and the decision has been taken not in the interest of the people, then serious action should be taken against all those involved so that similar incidents do not accur again.

What I think needs to be done is that the person(s) responsible for doing so should be held accountable. I think everybody (politicians and bureaucrats) who have signed on the documents authorizing the formation of these districts should be prosecuted. Once this is done in a few cases, government officials will be reluctant to sign on anything and everything that their seniors or politicians ask them to sign on. Remember, a minister cannot just start and end the file related to a matter all by himself. The process has to be followed in the government.

I have always maintained that when the Court was hearing the matter of illegal construction in Delhi, it should have prosecuted the MCD Junior Engineers in whose time the illegal construction happened. If the Court would have done this, JEs would have been warned. However, it was the aam admi who had to bear the loss. Everybody in MCD went scot free.

I believe the best way to implement laws in our country would be to hold the government officials accountable. For instance, aam admi got involved in illegal construction because the MCD officials allowed him to do so. If the MCD officials would have gone by the law, no illegal construction would have taken place. Same is the case of illegal mining. We have no choice but to hold the government officials accountable. Law and order situation will improve drastically.

Avinash Narula

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