What is wrong? What should be done?

We are illegal. I told you so.

Now it seems that there seems to illegality involved in the telecom licenses issued previously. A single man committee appointed by Kapil Sibal has suggested that there irregularities involved while issuing licences right from the start. Where is this country going? It seems that we are obsessed with illegality. There was no need to involve any kind of illegality while issuing telecom licences but we did.

If we do not take this opportunity of catching hold of everyone involved in telecom, CWG and Adarsh scams, we would be missing an opportunity to fix the country. We need to bring a fear in the mind of the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, babus and businessmen that the consequences of doing illegal acts can be disastrous. Unless we do we will not make any progress in our fight against corruption.

If you ask me, I am ashamed of my country. I feel ashamed that we are basically cheats. On top of this our politicians dream of becoming a world power. World powers in today’s world cannot be corrupt.

Avinash Narula

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