What is wrong? What should be done?

We are in serious trouble by voting for Aam Admi Party

The major problem that we wanted to get away from was ministers telling the police what to do. We wanted the police to do their job without interference from their political bosses. We wanted rule of law applied without any discrimination.

It seems that by voting the Aam Admi party to power we have shot ourselves in the foot. I don’t think anybody wanted an emergency like situation to prevail in the country again. Now Minister Somnath Bharti wants the police to raid the house that he thinks is involved in some illegal activities without any due process. What I heard today on the TV shocked me that women were taken to the hospital and forcefully made to submit to tests and illegal body search. This is happening inspite of Somnath Bharti being a lawyer who should know better.

Thank God that the Aam Admi Party does not have control over the police as I am not sure what he would end up doing. Thank God we do have the constitutional checks and balances as otherwise Shri Somnath Bharti would end up being the accuser, judge and the jury also.

What is more disappointing and scary is that Arvind Kejriwal thinks that the police officers should be suspended because they did not listen to the minister. Arvind Kejriwal has a legitimate demand that the police in Delhi should be under the control of the Delhi Government and that he should push for this reform with the help of the people of Delhi. However, if this is any indication as to how the AAP will handle the police, I think it would be better if the present situation continues.

I think Arvind Kejriwal and the whole AAP team should spend time understanding what democracy is all about. I think they should also understand not only our constitution but also the constitution of other countries before they are allowed to govern. How does the act of Somnath Bharti fit in with Arvind Kejriwal’s concept of swaraj. You are only free if you have right to rule of law and your freedom does not depend on the whims and fancies of a law minister.

What more. The latest is that Arvind Kejriwal and AAP think that Khap Panchayats should be allowed to exit as they are a part of our social structure. So a Khap Panchyat in Bengal thinks that the women should be raped and that is OK with Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal should understand that no where in the world there is a punishment in the form of rape. Corruption is part of our social structure in India and so why is Arvind Kejriwal saying it should be removed? Sati and Dowry is part of our social structure then why should the same be removed? Is there a due process or an appeal process in Khap Panchayat? I think I can get some elders in Delhi, form a Khap Panchayat and order Arvind Kejriwal to be removed from CM’s post sinec he has not fulfilled his promise.

It is very clear why Arvind Kejriwal wants to support Khap Panchayats. He wants them to vote for the Aam Admi Party in the Lok Sabha and the state assembly polls in Haryana and UP. In fact, all his actions so far have been directed in building a perception about AAP so as to win LS elections. I cannot take credit for this insight. A friend of mine suggested that the Dharna was all planned. Now Vinod Binny announced that he is going to have a press conference the next day. The same night two ministers of AAP got into tiff with police. Now Binny’s press conference was overshadowed by the two events of the ministers. Also, AAP took these two events to protest against the central government for not giving them control of the police force. Arvind Kejriwal is seen spending the night on the road. Imagine the publicity AAP received as well as the perception AAP tried to build without caring what difficulties the people of Delhi went through. I will let you decide if anybody is doing the drama and if yes who.

My suggestion to all is that let us not vote for AAP in the Lok Sabha. Let them prove themselves in Delhi first.

Avinash Narula

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