What is wrong? What should be done?

What did Arvind Kejriwal promise? What did he deliver?

If I am not mistaken, Kejriwal promised the following:

(a) 50% drop in electricity bills / electricity rates.

(b) 700 litres of water free every day or 20000 litres a month.

I am not sure, he laid down any conditions in terms of number of units consumed not did he mention about the 10% increase in water rates. The above was a blanket promise to everyone.

I think Arvind Kejriwal has fooled the people. He has reduced the electricity rates by 50% for only those consuming 400 units or less. Second, water upto 700 litres is free but even a litre more will result in the person paying for all the units and that too at a 10% higher rate.

What is more astonishing is that the people who should get subsidy would probably not get as a lot of these individuals or families are living in unauthorised and resettlement colonies and quite a few of the households do not have metered connections or where meters are not working.

It seems Arvind Kejriwal / AAP has done what more other political parties have been doing to us, that is, taking us for a joyride. I think the people of Delhi and the whole country should decide if they want to be taken for another joy ride when they vote for in the Lok Sabha Elections.

Avinash Narula

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Kartikeswar SenapatiJanuary 1st, 2014 at 5:01 am

You cannot expect Kejriwal to do some thing in three days which others could do in 15 years. You have to give him time. He has to show some development within few days time before 3rd January. He can be commented upon only after a lapse of reasonable time. Mr.Narula, your reaction is correct. But you alone cannot bring change to the system. Please join AAP. Else it will be like shouting from out side. Nothing more than that.


Avinash Narula Reply:

Kartikeswar hi!

I don’t think anybody gave AAP or Kejriwal a deadline of 3 days. I don’t think Jan 3 should have been considered a deadline. You were placed in a very good position. First, none of the MLAs of any party are willing for reelection. If BJP or Congress bring down your government, you would be the major beneficiary, that is, you have a high probability of getting majority . Today, if reelections are held, you would win handsdown. So where is the deadline. I doubt if there is anyone in Delhi who was expecting you to fulfill your promises within 3 days. You were placed in such a good situation that Congress and BJP had nowhere to go.

This deadline is of your making. The worst part is that you decided to make incorrect decisions fast to gain a political advantage for your party at the cost of the public good and also ended up fooling the people. First, let me address why I think you were in a hurry because in case your government does not survive the vote on 3rd Jan, election will then be held with Lok Sabha elections. You are now focused on the Lok Sabha and you wanted to make sure you got some advantage. This has been admitted by Arvind but he camouflaged it by saying that he is doing it for the good of the people. You have actually done what most political parties have been doing in the past, taken a political decision instead one for the good of the country. If you read my blog of yesterday morning, I had raised the concernas to what will happen if CMs of other states start giving freebies like Arvind had done. Surprisingly, two states are proposing to take similar actions. Maharashtra MLA has raised similar demand and Haryana CM has already announced the subsidy. Whats so difficult about distributing other people’s money. Parties have been regularly doing this and AAP has also done it.

Second, I have been writing about my views on the subject for sometime. In between I had stopped. I was highly critical of Anna Hazare and Kejriwal giving ultimatum to the Parliament to pass a law. I even wrote to Arvind Kejriwal when he started his political initiative as I just wanted to convey to him two things (a) root cause of the problem in India and (2) a thought on how to achieve our objective. I did not get any response. Of course, I realize Arvind Kejriwal is a busy man.

I will continue my effort to find a way to promote my ideas, that is, to build a country based on “rule of law” and “minimum government.” I am also writing a book on the subject.


rajneesh dubeyJanuary 23rd, 2014 at 3:55 am

He is the team B of Congrerss plotted against BJP


DineshJanuary 25th, 2014 at 8:28 pm

I agree, aap is not at all capable. With no baggage can claim anything but it’s a worst team in Indian history. All decision taken are completely useless & just to stop NaMo with inc & other parties.


M.S.HussainJanuary 28th, 2014 at 4:23 am

AAP is just a baby , but with good intentions , give them some time , even then they say that they can do some magic , why don’t we wait and then come into conclusion , we had given enough and more time to other parties , nothing happened , so , why don’t we this party too .
I don’t believe that they can free from lots of things , but at least , some % of the people can be benefited.
I am not here to say , Jai to AAP , but definitely want to live in hope that there will be someone/party comes with a right Idea/Governance


INDIANJanuary 29th, 2014 at 2:56 am

Kejriwal & AAP have become a big joke and a laughing stock. It is apparent that they are the TeamB of the CONgrace. Like the way CONGi propped up a ‘├žlean’ MMS as the PM, the same way Kejriwal will be propped up soon. AAP is a CONGi strategy to counter Modi.


Raj SArdaJanuary 30th, 2014 at 2:12 am

It will be unwise for any political party to try to play with AAP. The more they will like to show the failure of AAP, they will be more in trap because AAP can fail in one month but the political parties who are active for last 60 years failed what people inspired.
I personally feel all political parties should take the reason of making of AAP and take the correct steps for betterment of the citizen of India.
Rather I feel, BJP should not criticize AAP rather put forth their views of what should be done and what they will do.
They should only keep on highlighting that AAP came due to failure of established political parties and corrective method who ever takes should be the future.
Mr. Modi is liked by many many including me from the core of the heart because of his good deeds and action for Gujrat.
The future of India is youth and old generation should give way for the new generation to take over.
Stop the recruitment of governors with old and ineffective persons who have done all that they can do and change the system with new blood.

Regarding Arvind Kejriwal, well I feel he cannot do neither his government, but he have put a process to the people who can get the job done by any party in future.


RahulJanuary 30th, 2014 at 3:09 am

The mess created by congress in last 60 years cannoy be fitted in just 5 years


SureshJanuary 30th, 2014 at 4:23 am

I dont say AAP is bad. But they are being over zealous in getting things done without understanding the facts and analysing the pros and cons. The decisions are hasty and hence ending up foolish. He has to follow some protocol in order, not to make the system weak and end up in chaos.


AKGJanuary 31st, 2014 at 6:11 am

I agree with some points raised against Arvind K, but it is clear that points raised against AAP are not by the common man. If so, than let me ask all those comment passers, where were this people are,in so many years, say from your college time….. It is our general Indian’s nature rather a habit, to pass a comment quickly without having any knoledge. My opinion is as years after years our so called politicians were squeezing common people in various way and we are habituated with this so now we should not expect that Kejrwal & Co will change total system in few days or months. The new Govt who is a baby in politics we should have some patience. We should allow them to do their normal routine work. The strength of a common man is their treamendous moral strength to over come all the hurdles, since this is a Common Man Govt & it is a new born baby so we should not start passing comments about their day to day activities. Better to suggest allow them to do some minor mistakes, after that they will definitely rectify and that will be a gift for the common man. After all we are happy that there is no criminal, mussle power or so called influential man in AAP.
Finally I am little worried about their participation for LS poll, I think they have not taken the correct step, they should be more concentrate on their small job given by Common Man of Delhi……….how come a baby having feeding bottle in his mouth started looking for Mutton.


Avinash Narula Reply:

ajit hi!

I think you have made some important points. First, we should not expect too much out of AAP as they are new and they have been in power for only a month. Actually, this is the fault of the AAP itself because they have set the unrealistic timetable themselves. Also, in their quest to win Lok Sabha elections, they wanted to piggy back on the support they received in Delhi, they are taking incorrect action in haste. In fact, I don’t think I can point out even one action that they have taken which is correct. Second, you are absolutely right that AAP should not worry about the LS elections. They should do some concrete work in Delhi before moving on to pan India. All their actions are highly motivated by this objective of theirs.

I am actually sad that one opportunity we had of getting a good political party is also being corrupted by power and so early in the game.

Avinash Narula


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