What is wrong? What should be done?

What is Arvind Kejriwal doing?

When Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP promised to give free water, I thought I heard them saying that they will fix the corruption, save money, make Delhi Jal Board more efficient and then give free water to people. Even though, giving a scarce resource like water free is unacceptable but one can accept a proposal like this if one is promised a corruption free and efficient DJB. But what Arvind Kejriwal has done is absurd because of the following:

(a) This act is business as usual. Practically, every politician likes giving away the country’s resources free. I think Congress was already subsidizing water. I hear all praises for Arvind Kejriwal that he fulfilled his poll promise within a day of becoming the CM. Well, I think people need to ask whats so difficult about giving away somebody elses money. Did Arvind Kejriwal lose anything. Hell, you could have told a uneducated labourer and he could have done the same.

(b) Shri Yadav mentioned yesterday in a interview with Prabhu that all the decisions of AAP have been well researched. I don’t think this is true of the water issue. Of course, everybody wants everything free but if you asked them what they wanted as far as water is concerned, they would have said the following:

* Water itself. People do not get water itself forget about getting it free. People get water delivered through water tanks.
* Clean water.
* They love to get 24 hour water supply but I think most would touch your feet if you promise them water at fixed times during the day.
* Enough pressure to push water up to the tanks. I am not sure Arvind Kejriwal knows how much people have to spend on water motors repairs and electricity to run them.
* The scheme is not equitable. A family with 6 persons is getting the same amount of water free as a family of 2. Consumption of water depends on the number of people in a family and not per connection.
So where is the research?

I thought Arvind Kejriwal will act professionally, that is, he will take every action for the benefit of the country, state and the people (all the people) of the country. But has he done so? I suggest you give it a serious thought. In case you need some help, just keep tuned to my blob.

Avinash Narula

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