What is wrong? What should be done?

What is wrong with BJP?

Bofors happned so long back that I am not sure most of us even care about the issue anymore. But BJP has nothing else to do but to keep looking back. I believe that BJP should forget about Bofors because of the following:

(a) If in 20 years you cannot prove that guilt ofthe parties involved, you cannot keep maligning the name of these people.
(b) BJP was in power and they tried their best to prove the charges but failed for whatever reason. Its time to move ahead and fix our systems and procedures in a manner so that people like “Q” are not able to get away.

It is surprising that BJP keeps bringing a 20 year old corruption case back but forgets to talk about recent cases. I would say that if they wanted to take up an issue, they should have been talking about the issue of Spectrum to new telecom players which involved a loss of over Rs. 45,000 crores to the government.

BJP should not talk about corruption because the case of itys president caught on tape asking for bribes is still fresh in our mind. Also, Congress cannot refute the charges that uses CBI to handle its political enemies like Mulayam and Mayawati. Its like the kettle calling the pot black or vice versa.

What BJP should be doing is learning from the Bofors case as well as Mayawati and Mulayam’s case and doing something about it. Has it announced a plan to reduce corruption? Has it announced a plan to isolate the CBI from government interference? No, it hasn’t. Just making allegations is not going to help. We need a plan. So, BJP please show us a plan.

It was really disturbing to see Arun Jaitley of BJP and Abhishek Singhvi of Congress arguing about Bofors on the Arnab Goswami show of Times Now like children. One was blaming the other but none had a plan to tell us how corruption will be avoided in the future and how we will resolve these cases within 2/3 years and not 20 years. Even Arnab faulted in not posing the question as what should be done to isolate the CBI from political interference.

avinash narula

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Dr.Amrit GaurSeptember 19th, 2009 at 12:56 pm

Dear Avinash,
The day is not far that BJP & even other political parties shall will be gone forces as none of them have anything special with them except bickering against each other and these all parties have made this nation full of riots, violence, scams, scandals & thereafter Commissions, Committees,Special Task Force & so on to kill this nation itself in a most systematical manner. There is lot to say, a voluminous Book can be written on the functioning of our political parties, busy to kill this nation and that too in the name of AAM AADMEE…dr. amrit gaur at: aagassociates@yahoo.com


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