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What media could not figure out about Kejriwal, Binny and I did

In my earlier posts, I have clearly stated why Aam Admi Party and Kejriwal have not done what they had promised with respect to water and electricity. I have also stated the reasons and evidence why there seems to a conspiracy between AAP and Congress. Well, I must say one thing that Vinod Binny who held the conference has figured it out just like I did. I feel that Binny seems to be a logical man with clear thinking. At least, I was impressed.

Also, I feel that media is not doing its job properly. Even though, media had figured out the disconnect between what was promised and what was done, still their headlines were always favourable to AAP. Their headlines were “AAP fulfills their promise of free water within 2 days.” Such headlines are not only incorrect but they have resulted in misleading the people of the country. The job of the media is to report the truth or the facts and not mislead the people.

I have heard from other sources also that there is no democracy as far as Kejriwal is concerned. What Binny has said is probably not off the mark. Media should look into the matter and report on it. Media’s involvement is important in this matter. First, people of this country need to know if Kejiwal is going to run the state / country like a dictator. Also, whether all the talk about involving janta in decision making and holding janta darbars is just to fool the people and in wasting tax payer’s money.

I would like to thanks Binny for doing what he did. The people of this country have been continuously lied to by the politicians. We need more people to take a stand and stop politicians from lying.

In the end, I would also like to state that there is nothing wrong in seeking a lok sabha or vidhan sabha seat. I would like to say that what I heard from Binny, I do not see any reason why he was not made a minister. However, most probably why he was not made a minister is because he is not towing Kejriwal’s line. Ultimately, Binny will be out of the party now because he has spoken against Kejriwal and Kejriwal does not like cricism.

Avinash Narula

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