What is wrong? What should be done?

Corruption cost: Rs. 1 lakh crores and counting. Who says we are poor?

Yesterday, I had posted a blog on the same subject and estimated a conservative loss of Rs. 1 lakh crores from 3 recent scams. I intend keep totaling the loss to show you what an astronomical problem we have at hand.

But today I received an email which gave me another number to add to my estimate of loss incurred by our country because of corruption. But it also suggested that I need to clarify something. I should have distinquished between “India the country” and “Indian the citizen of India.”

The email I received read as follows, “Indian r poor but India is not a poor country, says one of the Swiss bank director. He further says that “Rs. 280 lakh crore of Indian money is deposited in Swiss banks which can be used for taxless budget for 30 years. This amount can give 60 crore jobs to all Indians. From any village to Delhi 4 lane roads. Forever free power supply to more than 500 soecial projects. Every citizen can get monthly Rs. 2,000 for 60 years. No need for World Bank & IMF loan.”

Think how we are being looted by rich and corrupt politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats. The people of this country thought that they acquired the control of their country back after the first independence revolution led by Gandhiji. But in reality we never did get our country back. Before we could take the country in our hands, it was hijacked by the corrupt politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats. Now it seems that we will have to launch a 2nd indepence revolution to get our country back from the corrupt politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats.

We think we are independent but we are not. We think we own the country but we do not. The only solution to all our problems is to put a total stop to corruption.

So, if even we add 50% of the Rs. 280 lakh crore, our total loss because of corruption is Rs. 141 lakh crore and counting.

Avinash Narula

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