What is wrong? What should be done?

Why can’t we think logically?

I have been saying right from the start that the path chosen by Anna Hazare’s team as well as Baba Ramdev is not going to work. I have given a number of reasons for the same.

First, there are enough laws. What we are lacking is the implementation. To support my point let me tell you what Economic Times stated with respect to Baba Ramdev’s demand to “Declare black money as national asset.” Economic Times has stated that the current law provides for penalties that can effectively mean confiscation of entire undeclared income. It further states that PMLA also provides for confiscation of illicit money. We have laws but they are not implemented. There was a law that residential properties cannot be used for commercial purposes and that you have to construct buildings according to the law. But we have seen the whole of Delhi as well as other parts of the country going illegal. Who is implementing the law and who is punishing those who break the law?

Second, I have stated very clearly that the government is not in a position to meet all the demands of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev even if it wants to. Government cannot pass the Lokpal bill on its own. It has to go through the Parliament. Yesterday, Brinda Karat told Kejriwal on the Times Now that her party didn’t consider the points on which the civil society was focussing on as all comprehensive and the most important. Now you can imagine what will happen when the Lokpal Bill reaches the Parliament. Do you think that the MPs will take action against themselves?

Since the government does not have absolute control, it has no option left but to drag the discussion on one issue or the other. It will take Anna Hazare and whoever else for a spin. The whole procedure will become so cumbersome that ultimately they expect Anna and Ramdev to quit on their own. The first delaying tactic that the government has used is that they have written to all the parties and CMs with a questionnaire. I can guarantee that the political parties will feel insulted and nobody will respond. This will give the government a valid excuse to keep delaying the drafting of the Lokpal Bill. Civil Society will ultimately get tired and quit. Now Civil Society wants to know the stand of the government in writing on the various issues. Civil Society is not realizing that if the government wanted to or could clearly state their stand on various issues in writing, then there would have been no need for them to even write the letter. One thing I would to say about the Civil Society team. They have realized pretty early in the game that they are being taken for a ride.

Third, I have stated that Anna Hazare’s team should no be doing what its doing, that is, making the MPs and the parliament redundant. On one hand, they talk about democracy. On the other hand, they are trying to make the key instrument of democracy redundant. This is just not going to work.

Its time to get logical. I know that we are all so desperate that we want to do something and support anyone who is willing to do something. But we will dilute our cause. After sometime nobody will take any attempt to fight corruption seriously.

I believe that the only way to get rid of corruption is to win an absolute majority in an election. I think the timing is right and the cause is right. As I have said earlier, we need a second revolution to take our country back from the corrupt.

I also think I have an idea. In due course, I will suggest how it can be done. So just keep visiting.

avinash narula

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