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Why does Baba Ramdev does not want to politicise the issue of corruption?

Baba Ramdev keeps saying that he does not want to politicise his “fast unto death” campaign to eradicate corruption. He suggests that his is a special movement but not a political movement. Why is he so averse to being political? I hate politicians not because they are politicians but because most of them do not work for the good of the people of this country who are the real owners. Now if Baba was elected and he takes actions honestly and for the good of the people of this country, I will not hate him. I will vote for him.

I have written earlier that we do not need traditional politicians. I have already proposed that we need country managers and not politicians. We need people who will manage the affairs of this country. For a job in the company, you have to go through an interview. For the job of managing the country, you have to get elected. I have suggested that Baba Ramdev should fight elections all over the country and let us all join together to make him win by absolute majority so that he can take the actions to eliminate corruption. Fast unto death is not a good option. Forcing your personal views and agenda on the government is setting a bad precedent. Fighting elections to get a chance to run the government for the benefit of the people of the country should not be considered politics. So, I urge Baba Ramdev to change his method and take the most efficient route of fighting the elections. If he wins, he will not have to talk to Kapil Sibal for whom I do not have any respect (read earlier my blog).

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