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Its time we stopped shouting from outside because nobody is listening. Lets get inside by contesting elections. I am going to. Are you?
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Is lowering of cash amount in the hands of the people a valid reason for Modi to demonitize Indian currency?
The Modi government has listed out a number of reasons for demonitizing the Indian currency. Lets analyze one one of them. One of the reasons given by Mr Jaily was that demonotizing the currency was a necessary step towards achieving a digital economy, that is, demonotization will assistin reducing cash percentage out of the banking […]
Demonitisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes by Modi Government
I am blogging after a long time. Actually, thanks to Modi Government, I woke up to smell the coffee. There are many people who have commented on the advantages and disadvantages of this action of the Modi Government as well as on how it has been implemented and I thought that I might as well […]
Did Arvind Kejriwal read the Indian constitution? I doubt it.
Arvind Kejriwal stated that he has read the constitution and that nowhere in the constitution it is written that the Chief Minister cannot protest. Let me give Kejriwal a short lesson in what the constitution of India states. First, Kejriwal should understand that the constitution lays down the broad principle and does not list what […]
We are in serious trouble by voting for Aam Admi Party
The major problem that we wanted to get away from was ministers telling the police what to do. We wanted the police to do their job without interference from their political bosses. We wanted rule of law applied without any discrimination. It seems that by voting the Aam Admi party to power we have shot […]
what needs why dont' you get inside?
 Politics vs Country Director
I do not like the words “politics” or “politicians” because it does not reflect the true nature of their job. The job of all elected officials of the country is to manage the business of the country for the benefit of ALL the citizens of the country. Just like the shareholders own the company, it is the citizens who own the country and not the politicians. Today, the reality is that the politicians own the country and the decisions they take are for their benefit rather than the benefits of the citizen owners. When telecom minister gave away licenses for peanuts and caused a loss of Rs. 40,000 crores to the government, do you think he was thinking about the country or the people of the country? Imagine what we could have done with this money to for ALL the citizens of this country. Do you think id the telecom minister was selling these licenses for his own company would he have sold the licenses this cheap? I don’t this so.

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