Avinash Narula
Avinash Narula
Its time we stopped shouting from outside because nobody is listening. Lets get inside by contesting elections. I am going to. Are you?
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Did Arvind Kejriwal read the Indian constitution? I doubt it.
Arvind Kejriwal stated that he has read the constitution and that nowhere in the constitution it is written that the Chief Minister cannot protest. Let me give Kejriwal a short lesson in what the constitution of India states. First, Kejriwal should understand that the constitution lays down the broad principle and does not list what […]
We are in serious trouble by voting for Aam Admi Party
The major problem that we wanted to get away from was ministers telling the police what to do. We wanted the police to do their job without interference from their political bosses. We wanted rule of law applied without any discrimination. It seems that by voting the Aam Admi party to power we have shot […]
What media could not figure out about Kejriwal, Binny and I did
In my earlier posts, I have clearly stated why Aam Admi Party and Kejriwal have not done what they had promised with respect to water and electricity. I have also stated the reasons and evidence why there seems to a conspiracy between AAP and Congress. Well, I must say one thing that Vinod Binny who […]
AAP actions have saddened me
It seems that the only light I saw at the end of the tunnel was the hope that Aam Admi party would take rock solid steps towards effective governance and removing corruption. I feel sad today because the actions taken by AAP have primarily been to somehow position itself for the lok sabha elections. They […]
what needs to be done? what is my strategy? Why dont' you get inside?
Register to Vote
As a citizen of India, you have the right to vote to elect the people who will represent you to run the government of your country. In a democracy, the "Right to Vote" is most valuable right you have. It is also important to exercise this right. We, the people of this country, through the exercise of out right to vote have the ultimate power and authority to shape the destination of this country. We do this by electing our representatives who will take decisions on our behalf to run the government for our benefit.

All citizens of India who are 18 years of age as on 1st January of the year for which the electoral roll is prepared are entitled to be registered as a voter in the constituency where he or she ordinarily resides.

We complain about corruption, lack of infrastructure and poor law and order situation in our country. There are just two ways you can resolve these problems and get your voice heard as follows:

1. You can exercise your "right to vote" and select the right people you think can resolve these problems, or

2. You can yourself contest elections (Our website is focused on this objective).

In order to be able to vote in an election, you have to be registered as a voter. If you are already registered, you are ready to vote at the time of elections. If you would like to get register yourself as a voter, click here, and you will taken to www.jagore.com which specializes in this area.
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