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Avinash Narula
Its time we stopped shouting from outside because nobody is listening. Lets get inside by contesting elections. I am going to. Are you?
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Is bullet train the solution to common man’s woes?
There has already been a lot of debate on the topic of bullet train that the Modi government has recently announced. The only logical argument on which one cannot disagree to the introduction of the bullet train is that in the present world, we can leapfrog in terms of development because of the available technology. […]
India is no place for aam aadmi
I have always maintained that India is no place for aam aadmi / common man even though aam aadmi comprises more than 75% of the population of this country. We are reminded about their plight when media picks up an incident and highlights it. Some us talk about it on talk shows, quite a few […]
Is lowering of cash amount in the hands of the people a valid reason for Modi to demonitize Indian currency?
The Modi government has listed out a number of reasons for demonitizing the Indian currency. Lets analyze one one of them. One of the reasons given by Mr Jaily was that demonotizing the currency was a necessary step towards achieving a digital economy, that is, demonotization will assistin reducing cash percentage out of the banking […]
Demonitisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes by Modi Government
I am blogging after a long time. Actually, thanks to Modi Government, I woke up to smell the coffee. There are many people who have commented on the advantages and disadvantages of this action of the Modi Government as well as on how it has been implemented and I thought that I might as well […]
what needs Why dont' you inside?
 What is wrong with Indian voters?
We are suffering
from Battered Voter Syndrome(BVS)
I think we in India are all suffering from Battered Voter Syndrome (BVS) which similar to the battered person syndrome or the battered woman or battered wife syndrome.

Simply put, a battered person syndrome (BPS) refers to any person who in spite of continuous physical abuse by a partner refuses to leave the partner. The continuous physical abuse makes the person depressed and/or incapable of taking any independent decision or action to leave the partner and avoid the abuse. The battered person may leave the abusive partner at times but returns to be abused by the partner willingly and with little or no convincing. Whenever the battered person tries to leave the abusive partner, the abusive partner makes false promises to improve his behavior to convince the battered person to come back. Battered person believes the abusive partner and comes back to find that nothing has changed. The battered person also refuses help and may even get aggressive towards the person offering help.

The behavior of guards and inmates in the prisons offers an analogy which can explain the BPS syndrome. The prison guards often treat the prisoners erratically.

Waiting for God
to help but we are refusing his help
You know I am reminded of a story which I think explains our behavior at voters and citizens of this country. Maybe you have heard of the story but I think all of us need to be reminded of the same.

The story starts with a villager who is forced to climb on top of his house because of massive floods. He is a very religious and God fearing man. He believes in God unconditionally. So while he is sitting on the roof of his house, he prays to God to save him.

So while he is waiting on the roof to be saved by God, a rescue boat comes in to take him to safety but he refuses saying that God will save him. After sometime, a helicopter arrives to save but he refuses to take help saying that God will save him. Finally, he drowns.

When he meets God, he asks God why didn't he save him. God replied, "You fool, who do think sent the boat and the helicopter to rescue you? What can I do if you don't want to save yourself?"

We are all just like the villager praying that God will save us from these corrupt no-good politicians but God is already trying to help us. However, we are refusing help.

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